TAKE ACTION: We are encouraging youth to take concrete actions in their communities to help make a social impact.


Current CAMPAIGN: Young people across the globe are utilizing their own resources to combat injustices within their communities.  They are speaking in support of mental health, combatting sexual violence and abuse, breaking the cycle of prison retention by speaking up for prison reform, and rechanneling their energies into more positive ventures.  Help support local youth with their causes by promoting entrepreneurship and new career paths.  

“To win big, sometimes you have to take big risks!” Here’s to all the risk takers, game changers, change makers, and all those who follow their dreams.

Do what you love and love what you do. Be a trailblazer with a cause. We will be highlighting stories of young people who are making strides within their own communities to effect social change and empower women. One action at a time they say, “we are doers!” What are you doing to effect social change in your community? Are you a doer? #AspireArtemis#changemakers #doers



Consider sponsoring local programs and projects that are youth led and socially responsible. Increase access to education by promoting more holistic approaches.