Unleashing the creativity in youth and transforming it into leaps of imagination that solve global challenges.

Unleashing the creativity in youth and transforming it into leaps of imagination that solve global challenges.

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Creating the scientists, engineers and innovators of tomorrow

"Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement."  - - Golda Meir

Photo Campaign for women and girls in STEAM

We believe that Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Culture, and Math (STEAM) are important drivers of innovation and change and can create opportunities for self sustenance for youth across the globe. The ability to develop and utilize skills in these areas have become essential to participate in the current and future marketplace. However, the rise and rapid evolution of technology has not been matched by the emergence of skilled workers able to adapt, develop and utilize innovative advances. The limited gender diversity in these fields not only exacerbate the challenge of finding skilled workers, but also inhibits the different perspectives that brings innovation. 

Undoubtedly, science and technology have an impact on ordinary lives beyond the highly-publicized breakthroughs. Technology has stimulated developments that have rapidly altered both rural and urban employment landscapes and economic sectors, including water resource management, sanitation, and agriculture, through enhancements to knowledge working, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. There is no denying that technology has a ubiquitous presence. Studies have demonstrated that the interdisciplinary model of a STEAM approach fosters innovative thinking, leaving students better prepared to understand and apply science and technology concepts. STEAM has been described as an integrated model that compels students to actively think about and tackle real world problems through finding creative solutions.  

The Aspire Artemis Foundation believes that when young women and girls have role models, they can become become excited about a field in which they may not have otherwise considered. 

Our campaign to create the scientists, engineers and innovators of tomorrow begins today, and we invite you to join the effort! If you are a woman currently working in the sciences, engineering, mathematics or technology field, we invite you to share your journey. If you aspire to these professions, we urge you to join the campaign by sharing your aspirations. The main approach uses photographs of women currently working in these fields holding a simple sign that succinctly describes their profession, which will link to a more detailed description of their type of work and their pathway to success. The sign would follow a standard formula of an action followed by a profession, such as “I cure diseases, I am a biochemist.”

The campaign also invites students currently in these fields to submit their own photographs and short bios with a similar sign representing differing subject areas.  For example, the signs for the students could read, “I love Math,” I love coding, “I love Chemistry”, etc. depending on their field of interest. The hashtag accompanying this campaign is #WomenGainingSTEAM to mean; I am a woman, my power is gaining STEAM.

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"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious."

"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious."

Caribbean STEAM Center

We are in the process of creating a premiere STEAM center in the Caribbean. E-Lab Caribbean will be extending the work of the successful E-lab Africa, turning young brilliant minds into future scientists, engineers and innovators.

In partnership with Microsoft, Addressable media, E-Lab Africa, The National Commission of Science and Technology of the government of Jamaica, and other notable partners, we will provide the tools to students through interactive workshops so that they are able to have the technical skills necessary to design engineering solutions that solve global challenges.

The introduction of a STEAM Center in the Caribbean region is particularly timely for fostering greater gender parity in the areas of science, technology and innovation while propelling Caribbean states' adoption of the 4th Industrial Revolution.  

STEAM has the potential to reinvent and reinvigorate the education system in the Caribbean.

The objective of a STEAM center is to strengthen knowledge and adoption of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Culture, and Math education in the Caribbean and increase opportunities for innovation and creativity, job creation, idea generation, information sharing, and skill development in the region.

When one considers, as well, technology’s ability to act as an equalizer between genders and between emerging and developing states, the importance of investing in science, technology and arts education becomes increasingly evident.  

Help support youth so that they are prepared for the careers of tomorrow and turn their curiosity into leaps of innovation.