Foundations, Organizations, Companies, NGOs

We strongly believe that working together with civil society, grassroots organizations, NGOs, government ministries and the private sector in a collaborative manner will bring about faster, more effective and more efficient change. We also do not believe in duplication of efforts or reinventing the wheel. If your organization is doing similar work on the ground, please consider partnering with us so that we can meet our aligned goals and have a greater social impact.





We are constantly looking for like minded individuals, social entrepreneurs, volunteers and those who would like to work with purpose. If you like the work that we do and would like to lend a hand, or make a direct impact in the lives of underserved communities, come join us. We need, want and would love to have you join our team. We are always open to innovative minds and ideas.




Education is an essential power tool. We are constantly trying to expand the number of universities that work with us so that we can offer scholarship and other educational opportunities to vulnerable and marginalized groups.