We empower youth by providing the tools they need to transform  into future leaders, change makers, and trailblazers.


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Supporting education and innovation.



Transforming small pieces of imagination into sparks of creativity

Transforming small pieces of imagination into sparks of creativity

Engaging neighboring cultures

By taking part in skills training, cultural exchange and language opportunities, youth are exposed to cultures and communities in their region that they would not had been able to engage with due to prior language barriers. Young people are able to broaden their perspectives, foster acceptance and understanding, and work together for innovative solutions that lead to sustainable and long term social change. We provide solution oriented growth opportunities that increases self confidence, makes a social impact, and enriches communities.  Youth are provided hands on opportunities to career advancement through internships with mentors and change makers.

Joining hands and laying the foundation for the change we want to see in the world

Joining hands and laying the foundation for the change we want to see in the world

Contributing to long term development

We empower lives and increase viability for long term job growth. Essential skills in communications, foreign languages and other educational opportunities, allow for innovative solutions to social challenges. This can spur social entrepreneurship, business opportunities, micro enterprises, etc. This fosters creative and innovative solutions for underutilized potential in the region while creating opportunities for self sufficiency of local populations. 


Sustainably changing lives

Aspire Artemis is focused on fostering local self-sufficiency through assisting community partners in achieving their youth development goals. We invest in local communities that have long-term development visions for youth development, and are able to articulate a sincere aspiration to fully engage youth in opportunities that will expand their potential to succeed in future careers. This means we: 

  • Provide opportunities for training.

  • Give access to mentors and learning resources.

  • Honor and respect people on the ground by listening to their input, utilizing their unique skills, wisdom, and creativity.

  • Employ experts in youth development and youth training.

  • Ensure against exploitation of locals.

  • Thoroughly monitor our social and cultural impact while earning the esteem of others on the ground.

  • We are transparent in our operations.


Fostering strong communities

We promote responsible citizenship. Teaching youth responsibility through volunteerinsm allows them the dignity and awareness that they can play a positive role in shaping the communities in which they live. Aspire Artemis creates opportunities for advancement of youth in vulnerable and marginalized communities by connecting them to positive and inspiring mentors.  One of the services we will be providing them with is communications training, so that they can utilize their voice in very powerful ways.  Many young people fall into cycles of violence and discontent when they are left without any real opportunities for success and advancement.  Being able to present ideas clearly is a very important skill necessary to succeed in a professional environment. Therefore, through debate training and other methods, we teach young people the skills they need to foster positive use of language that helps them utilize their voices in constructive and empowering ways.


Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

"To win big, sometimes you have to take big risks!”  Here’s to all the risk takers, game changers, change makers, and all those who follow their dreams. Do what you love and love what you do. Be a trailblazer with a cause. We will be highlighting stories of young people who are making strides within their own communities to effect social change and empower women. One action at a time they say, “we are doers!” What are you doing to effect social change in your community? Are you a doer?


Dedicated to change and making a positive impact.

Our impact is quantified by the results of long-term development partnerships. We provide local youth with opportunities for success, rewarding their success and engaging them in further opportunities for growth. We develop a mutual shared vision with local leaders, families, teachers, students, ministries, civil society and grass roots organizations in every host community. We are not selling a quick fix solution, but rather develop sustainable, pragmatic solutions to development challenges. We believe that this will lead to durable results.