Afghanistan commits to implement anti-violence law and national action plan


Albania vows to include more women in decision-making and the labour market (updated)


Algeria commits to ongoing efforts to promote peace and tolerance and implement strategies to improve women’s status


Angola commits to the empowerment of women and gender equality, the dignity of families and the advancement of women

Argentina pledges to break cultural barriers, end prejudice (updated)

Armenia commits to implement a law on equal rights and opportunities and sign the Istanbul Convention (updated)

Australia makes new commitments internationally and at home to empower women and girls (updated)

Austria promises to reduce gender pay gaps, encourage women candidates and board members (updated)

Azerbaijan commits to mainstream gender in all State programmes and legislation to help working women (updated)

Bangladesh promises more opportunities for women to participate, and an end to child marriage by 2041

Belgium makes 25 commitments to action, in external and internal policies

Benin commits to ongoing programmes for women in political and private sector leadership

Bhutan promises to accelerate implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action and the 2030 Agenda gender equality goal

Bolivia vows to ensure new laws are adequately implemented to achieve transformative change

Bosnia and Herzegovina pledges implementation of the Istanbul Convention (updated)

Botswana remains committed to the principle of elimination of all forms of discrimination and violence against women (updated)

Brazil commits to realizing women’s rights on all fronts

Brunei Darussalam reaffirms commitment to implement the Beijing Platform for Action

Bulgaria pledges adoption of a gender equality law and aims to achieve full equality in 15 years

Burundi commits to reinforcing gains and advancing gender equality under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (updated)

Cabo Verde promises to boost efforts to implement a national plan, gender-based violence law and public funding for gender equality

Cambodia vows more investment in gender equality, stronger accountability for progress

Central African Republic commits to promote women candidates, calls for bold policy to improve women’s lives

Chile endorses women’s leadership in politics and aims for women to direct 40 per cent of public enterprises by 2018

China pledges USD 10 million commitment to UN Women, assistance for other developing countries to build 100 health projects for women and children (updated)

Colombia commits to strengthen gender equality policies, eliminate gender disparities in education, reduce female unemployment, implement a plan on ending gender-based violence

Comoros promises continued support for reproductive health and expanded economic roles for women

Costa Rica plans to embrace shared caregiving, promote women’s equality in the workplace (updated)

Côte d’Ivoire launches the National Council for Women to guide efforts on women’s rights

Croatia commits to providing active support for women’s empowerment both domestically and internationally, combat stereotypes and aim for better work-life balance (updated)

Cuba reaffirms ongoing efforts to equalize women’s and men’s roles at home and numbers of women in government decision-making

Cyprus commits to scale up support for gender equality rooted in a new national action plan (updated)

Denmark vows equal opportunities in education and work, and to combat domestic violence (updated)

Dominican Republic promises a plan to extend early childhood services and financing for women’s businesses

Estonia commits to reduce the gender pay gap and protect against discrimination under first national gender equality action plan (updated)

Fiji pledges to develop gender-inclusive policies and laws, improve protections against gender-based violence

Finland plans to reduce cases of violence, and a boost for women mediators and training for peacekeepers

France pledges to advocate financing for women as a priority in climate talks

Georgia commits to legal reforms to tighten provisions for non-discrimination, campaigns to combat early marriages (updated)

Germany pledges to expand support for women’s professional skills in developing countries, and require corporate boards at home to apply a 30 per cent quota for women (updated)

Guyana commits to safety and protection from violence, offers full support to SDG 5

Honduras vows to apply parity to political parties and systematically implement the National Gender Plan

Hungary commits to take action to prevent and eliminate domestic violence and sexual violence in conflict, increase employment and provide flexible day-care options for women

Iceland aims to close gender pay gap, provide grants for international equality efforts

Indonesia intent on more women leaders, fewer maternal deaths and eliminating gender-based violence

Ireland vows gender equality a foreign policy priority in the push for the Sustainable Development Goals (updated)

Italy pledges new resources of up to 50 million euros will advance gender equality and women’s rights (updated)

Japan vows to boost women’s leadership and development assistance for gender equality (updated)

Jordan pledges to align national laws with international commitments and expand support to women and girls in many areas (updated)

Kazakhstan steps it up: Will provide regional leadership to galvanize transformative change

Kenya aims for universal access to sexual and reproductive health, progressive action towards economic empowerment

Kyrgyzstan announces new commitments in its National Action Plan for Gender Equality

Lao People’s Democratic Republic vows to take steps to stop violence, commits to continued action on gender equality in national plans

Latvia promises to bolster laws and support partners to fight violence (updated)

Liberia pledges to pass domestic violence bill and press for an end to female genital mutilation

Liechtenstein affirms commitment to gender issues in international criminal justice, promises more action to end violence (updated)

Luxembourg aims for 40 per cent participation on boards and among candidates (updated)

fYR Macedonia commits to provide equal opportunities to men and women, step up measures to prevent and address domestic violence

Malawi vows to act to end child marriage, make gender equality integral to national growth and development

Malaysia aims for more women in the workforce and greater support for single mothers

Mauritania will continue to empower women in all arenas as an absolute necessity

Mexico commits to better coordination of national gender equality actions, scaled up measures on reproductive health (updated)

The Federated States of Micronesia vows to finish unfinished business and aim for women’s participation in all areas of nation-building

Montenegro commits to implementing national plan and law towards equality in all areas

Mozambique stands firm in combatting harmful traditional practices, will expand social protection and access to productive resources

Namibia aims for equal access to services, roles for women as agents of peace

Nepal advances guarantees of rights related to reproduction, property and political participation

Netherlands promises two new funds to back advances in economic and political participation, combat violence, support sexual and reproductive rights

New Zealand commits to supporting women’s education, leadership and participation, and improving women’s safety (updated)

Norway plans long-term efforts to speed up action on gender equality, including through strong laws (updated)

Pakistan determined that women will have central roles in political, economic and other spheres

Panama commits to greater political participation and the eradication of violence against women

Paraguay commits to boost resources for rural women and improve coordinated action to prevent violence against women and punish perpetrators

Romania vows to launch an integrated system to prevent all forms of violence and encourage a cadre of gender equality experts (updated)

Rwanda commits to increase economic participation of women

Samoa vows gender equality and women’s empowerment policies will feature in all areas of government

Senegal enacts legal and policy reforms, commits to meaningful empowerment and true equality

Sierra Leone commits to legal reforms, free education and health care to empower women and girls

Slovakia commits to new targets, such as reducing the gender pay gap and increasing support services for women survivors (updated)

Slovenia pledges to challenge traditional norms, call on men and boys as agents of change and pursue equality by 2020 (updated)

South Africa commits to equity in the workplace by 2030, reduce HIV and AIDS and end violence against women

South Sudan envisions keeping gender equality at the centre of public policy and ending inequality by 2040

Spain promises investments in equal opportunities, awareness campaigns

Sri Lanka commits to update national action plan, and sustain firm commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment (updated)

Sweden vows that all national policies, budgets and international aid will contribute to gender equality (updated)

Switzerland commits to combat wage discrimination, achieve a better work-family balance and act against domestic violence (updated)

United Republic of Tanzania intends to amend all laws with discriminatory provisions and leverage economic growth to advance women’s equality

Thailand promises education to cultivate acceptance of gender equality, data to monitor progress, training to promote gender-responsive budgeting (updated)

Timor-Leste affirms ending gender discrimination an ongoing priority in commitment to the SDGs and Beijing Platform for Action

Tunisia seeks to expand participation of women in office

The United States of America to work towards a world where every woman and girl can enjoy their rights and freedoms (updated)

Viet Nam will devote all necessary resources to close gender gaps, extend employment and other services for women in remote areas (updated)

Zambia vows to fight the scourge of gender-based violence and to invest in women’s economic empowerment

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Zambia vows to fight the scourge of gender-based violence and to invest in women’s economic empowerment